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from 7th to 9th march, the 26th indian international telecommunication and radio television exhibition (short for india telecommunication exhibition) was held in international exhibition conference center in new delhi, india, attracting 500 domestic and oversea enterprises from 30 countries to attend. hengtong, bringing with its optical fiber cable, fttx solutions series as well as other products, took part in the exhibition, which gains much attention from all walks of society.


indian telecommunication exhibition, the greatest telecommunication exhibition in current south asia area, was highly supported by indian telecommunications branch, information and technology department as well as the radio information department, and was successfully held for 25 sessions from 1993. it acts as the impetus for the sustainable development of indian telecommunication, attracting attention of an increasing number of domestic and oversea enterprises, experts and professionals inside the industry to participate in the exhibition to communicate the future of telecommunication industry. it is worth mentioning that the 2018 indian telecommunication exhibition was strongly supported by indian government, which was represented by the fact that indian prime minister modi wrote letters to celebrate the success of the exhibition, stirring up the first spree of the exhibition.


it is reported that indian, the second largest telecommunication market all over the world, achieved the rapid development in past years. indian telecommunication market, especially the mobile telecommunication field, realized the explosive growth. from 2003, the number of terminal uses of indian mobile telecommunication had an over 100% increase every year.


meanwhile, indian telecommunication market experienced the intense competition, forming pattern that the market is shared by three parties: state-owned organizations, private companies and foreign-fund enterprises. the situation resulted in the phenomenon that none of the above-mentioned had an absolute predominance, and such a highly competitive market is conducive to the access to market, of telecommunication facilities enterprises.


looking for the global market and stepping out in accordance with the belt and road, hengtong has accelerated its international outlay recently. in 2007, hengtong formally stepped into the indian market; in december 2017, it further expanded its south asia market by investing in building the optical fiber cable factory. and in 2018 indian telecommunication exhibition, functioning as the first show after the cable factory building, well-prepared hengtong attracted eyes of a large number of professional clients and receive positive remarks from them, with its products including 400g big capacity optical fiber, access network optical fiber, ocean communication optical fiber, fttx soft access and air-blown micro cables and a series top-notch solutions. what is worth to pay attention is a good many local influential and powerful leaders in telecommunications operators come to the exhibition to conduct the face-to-face and thorough communication as well as show the cooperation intention, looking forward to setting up the long-term and friendly cooperation in the fields of fiber-optic networks and fttx.


hengtong fully indicated its comprehensive strength in telecommunicating filed, represents its leading technology, further expands its intentional influence and lay a solid foundation for occupying the south asia and southeast asia market. in the near future, it is expected to witness the fact that hengtong will attain a huge success in south asia and southeast asia market, under the initiative of the belt and road.