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integer research released the list of 2017's top 100 global wire & cable producers this september. hengtong optic-electric (600487. sh), a global information and energy network service provider hold by hengtong group is the only one chinese company to successfully squeeze into the top 10 again and honors its place in ranking 7th, improving from last year.


integer research, an independent provider of specialist market research and analysis across wire & cable industry, specially provides independently verified rankings of the 100 largest insulated wire & cable producers in the world based on revenues derived from insulated products year to year.


china shows a strong increase according to the data from integer research. this year there are 34 chinese companies to honor their place in the top 100 including hengtong and the total revenue of these 34 companies has grown year-on-year despite that the global top 100 has decreased 5%.


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with over 20 years of development, hengtong now has grown to be a giant group with 18,000 employees over the world and developed its own core technologies in optical preform and cable researching and manufacturing. with such strong growth, hengtong attracts attention from the world again with a new definition of made in china.


hengtong and many other chinese companies are ready to open to the world, and are looking forward to achieving new partnerships internationally which will also be a brand new era for china.


about hengtong optic-electric


hengtong optic-electric is a global information and energy network service provider offering various kind of wire and cables including fibre-optic, power cable, marine cable and so on. 


as one of the listed companies of hengtong group, with over 20 years of development hengtong optic-electric now grows to have 10 manufacturing facilities based in china, europe, south america, south africa, south asia and southeast asia. as well as sales offices in over 30 countries and regions around the world supply products and service to over 120 countries.


committing to innovation and social responsibility is at the heart of hengtong - hengtong is implementing and transforming to intelligent manufacturing to be one of the most advanced cable manufacturers in the world.