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this year marks alcobre's 110th anniversary. in spite of the difficult times due to the coronavirus, alcobre is doing all it can to support the city and bring happiness to the citizens, in ovar.

there were two days of street circus, street music and puppet theater. on the 26th and 27th of september, the party went out to the city, providing to the local population moments of happiness, fun and culture. all the shows took place in spaces where it was possible to comply all necessary health measures and allowed every people to have greater security and confidence.

the organization of the festival, “colectivo terylene”, had a purpose of bringing people to the street, creating some culture and entertainment moments, enhancing local commerce and supporting artists and culture . all this was only possible with the support of local companies and some volunteers.

to celebrate the anniversary of a company that lasts as long as 110 years, it also gives us a chance to think over such a question: what holds a company for so long? or by what means has alcobre achieved this longevity? 


through various events for public welfare in this festival, alcobre has provided beautiful answers: by keeping optimistic and creating value to the community.


at this time when there is urgent need to maintain optimism about the future, boost local trade and support culture, alcobre is pleased to have supported this initiative, actively contributed to the development of ovar and created welfare to the population. this is also a way to celebrate alcobre's 110th anniversary. it's a weekend plenty of life and smiles!